Matt Scarborough

Managing Partner and CEO

I believe Bridgeforce is uniquely effective for our clients due to the combination of knowledge, courage, and commitment that we apply to create end-to-end results. I am thankful to work with such a great group of clients and colleagues.

Matt joined Bridgeforce in 2004 and has led the company as CEO since 2011. He has fostered a client-focused company culture that rewards thought leadership and problem-solving activities that effect real, positive, and sustainable change in client businesses.  Matt has personally led multiple engagements focused upon transformational change and the action plans to achieve them for clients in the U.S., U.K., and Latin America.  His partnership with clients to focus upon the intersection of human dynamics, technology, and process has assisted clients with positive and sustainable transformations of many kinds.  As part of these efforts he helped clients with challenges including responses to the credit crisis, organizational realignment, aligning business processes, technology-enabled change, and managing the regulatory environment.  Prior to joining Bridgeforce Matt started his career with MBNA and was the founding CEO of EnsuredMail, a software company that provided security solutions for banking, healthcare, and governmental agencies. Matt lives in southeastern Pennsylvania with his family, loves cooking, and is an avid skier.

Through Bridgeforce I have had the chance to impact the performance of over $2 trillion of lending assets across six countries, creating results that helped our clients, their people, and their millions of customers.