Amy Hoplamazian


(484) 250-4310


Bridgeforce provides practical and customized solutions to optimize and transform business—I bring my skills and expertise to affect positive outcomes for each client.

Amy joined Bridgeforce in 2018. Since joining she has worked on various projects including a credit reporting assessment, 2016 HMDA LAR Audit and Metro 2 mapping. Experiences have included completion of an operational risk assessment for reporting and disputes; feedback provision and guidance acknowledging the operations strengths and areas of improvement, as well as review and correction of a credit union’s LAR. For the Metro 2 mapping engagement, Amy captured the mapping documentation of the current Metro 2 file to evaluate the conformance with CDIA CRRG guidelines and FCRA requirements. She created a gap analysis and enhancement plan to offer guidance on best practices.

Amy graduated from Drexel University with a degree in Finance and Accounting. Prior to joining Bridgeforce, Amy acquired experience in the financial industry at Vanguard and JPMorgan Chase & Co. As an inheritance consultant at Vanguard, Amy worked directly with clients to manage the inheritance process, simply financial terms, and customize investment guidance. Amy managed policy and procedure reviews and provided training materials on new software for the project managers at JPMorgan Chase. Amy lives in Atlanta, Georgia and loves reading, biking and trying new foods!”