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December 11, 2019

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    Machine Learning for Business Intelligence

    This infographic shares an example from Bridgeforce that shows how machine learning uses existing delinquency baselines to identify behavioral changes that link to loss probability

    Your bank is data-rich and can provide business intel insights for future decisions. Tap into these data repositories to identify and profile important customer signals, turning raw data into pure gold. For example, you can use existing delinquency baselines to identify behavioral change and calculate a statistical propensity that links behavioral change with loss probability.

    Machine Learning Revolutionizes Debt Collection

    Revolutionize your approach to passive and proactive debt collection with ML. In this infographic, you’ll see how to begin the revolution. If you have customers with both a direct deposit account (DDA)  and loan account—you also have the data necessary to identify spending characteristics associated with financial duress. You can make treatment decisions based off the analysis of this data.

    We explain how to make your data work for you and why you don’t need to pay third-party vendors for information you already have.

    In this example, we break down how machine learning can analyze existing delinquency baselines to find the best times to start treatment to customers prior to them reaching delinquency.

    Click here to view infographic:

    machine learning

    Stop Paying Third-Party Vendors for Financial Health Information You Already Have

    Bridgeforce can help you mine data you already have and transform it into business intelligence that you can actually use. By using machine learning to analyze your data, we show your analytics and business teams how to transform data insights into better business operations.

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