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Compliance in Small Business Lending

March 25, 2015

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    At CBA LIVE Bridgeforce presented to an audience of banking executives on the topic of the regulatory environment related to small business lending. As a financial services consulting firm that works with both consumer and small business lenders, we continue to see regulatory expectations for all products rise – including small business.

    For small business, however, there is substantial regulatory uncertainty, and to some extent, latitude concerning when an internally designated “business loan” is subject to consumer regulatory requirements. In the current regulatory environment, this lack of clarity doesn’t remove responsibility from lenders to take action and figure out “what it means” for their business.

    We’ve noted that regulatory patterns are more correlated across product types, and even across countries, than they were in the past. Error tolerance has shrunk dramatically (for both regulatory and reputation risk) and much greater operational risk knowledge and controls are expected in the business line, including expectations for hard evidence. Regulatory pressure has generally started with the largest lenders, then worked its way “down” by size (exceptions for certain products or large complaint volume)

    This presentation covers the following topics:

    1. Results of the CBA Small Business survey (conducted by Bridgeforce) outlining how lenders define small business
    2. Specific issues impacting small business lenders:
      1. Fair Lending & ECOA
      2. FCRA
      3. UDAAP
      4. Dodd-Frank (1071)
      5. HMDA & CRA
    3. Specific recommendations for small business lenders to position themselves for success in the short and long term

    Download the full conference presentation to learn more about compliance in the small business lending environment.