Fraud Prevention

Rules Analysis and Expansion

Do you know if your fraud rules are working effectively?

Bridgeforce will evaluate your fraud acquisition, authorization, and transaction rules to make recommendations that strengthen defenses while minimizing disruption to customers.

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The world is moving into the digital space at record speed and keeping up with the current pace of fraud as a result requires diligence. We analyze the data to connect the dots, and detect anomalies using statistical deviations from normal/expected behavior to help you address attacks early. Also, our predictive models contain alerts based on risk scoring.

As part of our evaluation, we compare your existing fraud rules against industry best practices to ensure complete coverage of your business against fraud. After our analysis, you receive expanded strategies, improved controls surrounding those strategies and recommendations for new data sources and techniques to reduce fraud losses.

Meet Our Fraud Experts
Dave Sanders
Senior Program Manager, Fraud Practice Lead
John Sanders
Managing Partner and CEO, Bridgeforce Consulting
Michelle Macartney
Managing Partner, U.S. Practice
Jay Cohenford
Senior Program Manager