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    Getting Ready – Actions to Fortify Operations for Loss Mitigation Volumes

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    This webinar is part of insideARM‘s Leading Strategically Through the Recovery webinar series on loss mitigation. It covered the tactical and prescriptive actions you can take to better prepare your organization for increased loss mitigation volumes.

    The webinar covered details ranging from digital effectiveness to extended operational data and strategic insights. Our participants highlighted the need for enhanced treatment strategies and digital engagement. These elements are critical in order to meet the challenges of the unique economic event brought on by the coronavirus pandemic.  Additionally, speakers discussed the value of digital engagement, the importance of enhanced models, and the incorporation of new strategies for improved results.

    The webinar covered the following areas:

    1. The Surge – determine the size of the impending default wave of credit losses and related migration activities
    2. Loss Mitigation – the delinquency “bubble” will have a steeper leading edge than it did in the 2008 mortgage crisis
    3. Digital Communications – collection shops may not have the channel diversity necessary to efficiently and effectively reach consumers

    Amy Perkins of insideARM facilitated the webinar with Bridgeforce’s collections and loss prevention experts: John Sanders, Managing Partner and CEO, Andrew Domino, Managing Partner and COO, and Michael Orefice, Director of IT.

    Interested in watching? Check it out on insideARM’s website or just view the slides.


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