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A full suite of services to align with a new world of digital consumers and business automation.

The world is changing all around us. Today, consumers are in more control and have higher expectations than ever before. Bridgeforce helps financial institutions take the necessary steps to increase collections and mitigate losses by creating synergies between the way businesses operate and the way customers behave.

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    The classic telesales-driven collections model is quickly becoming obsolete. It takes too long, costs too much and results in too many defaults. Bridgeforce has been on the forefront of digital collections, having incubated and launched two digital collections solutions over a decade ago. For us it’s not just a new shiny object; we have a proven model to impact losses digitally. From focusing on a digital/mobile strategy and enhancing a loss prevention tool kit to employing enhanced account strategy segmentation, we provide proven, real-world solutions to get results.

    Our Services
    Automation, Digital Collections and Machine Learning
    We help break down barriers in order to speed up the time-to-business value by helping clients effectively leverage artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotic process automation solutions.
    System of Record Replacements and Upgrades
    Bridgeforce provides independent expertise to ensure that your investment dollars are spent on the right tech upgrades.
    Operational Optimization and Training
    Our proprietary operational assessment tool and training programs will create a dramatic improvement in your collections and recovery practices.
    Third-Party Vendor Placement Models and Controls
    Our programs establish the creation or enhancement of robust evidence-based governance and oversight processes that can be executed consistently by your entire team.
    Our Impact
    Recovery Performance Analysis
    The client, a non-profit student loan servicer was focused strictly on servicing and collecting previous loans that had been made. They had limited resources to conduct analytics on the recovery portfolio. Most decisions were made by “gut feel” and there was little insight of variables driving payment in recovery. Bridgeforce analyzed a dataset containing all... View Article
    Our Impact
    Collections Training Delivery
    Our Impact
    DIGITAL COLLECTIONS:  It’s No Longer a Concept. It’s Reality and It’s NOW. 
    Multi-Channel Communications Options as Your Digital Strategy Customers Want Digital, and You’re Going to Need It Advancements in digital technologies have created a shift in customer behavior and communication preferences. Consider this: 79% of consumers have made a purchase using a mobile device in the last six months. (Outer Box Design)  66% of consumers have used three or more communications channels to contact... View Article
    While we have worked with many consultants, Bridgeforce actually does the work.  They won't paint a picture, they will actually do detailed procedure write ups and reviews and work with your staff to deliver an optimal product.  We have been very satisfied with their efforts on these initiatives and they have subsequently been used in other business areas...
    SVP, Top 5 Bank
    Our Solutions Benefit
    Compliance and Regulatory
    Achieving compliance and control objectives while improving collections performance and customer satisfaction.
    Internal IT
    Breaking down barriers to ensure projects continue moving forward and delivering value to the business.
    Credit Risk
    Understanding how effective collections and loss prevention play a role within a strong Credit Risk framework.
    Meet Our Collections and Loss Prevention Experts
    John Sanders
    Managing Partner and CEO, Bridgeforce Consulting
    Andrew Domino
    Managing Partner and COO
    Andrew Hopkins
    Senior Program Manager
    Shawn Murray
    Senior Program Manager

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    Restrictions across the U.S. are in flux based on state level risk assessments. Borrowers will be impacted differently depending on regional, industry and varying work classifications (essential vs. non-essential). It’s time to right-fit your treatments and targeted intervention based on borrower impact levels. Our infographic gives you the tools you need to start your plan now.