Decrease Time-to-Value on IT Projects

October 31, 2018

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The Challenge of Keeping Pace with Technology

The speed of business is accelerating and trying to keep pace with the app-driven world is a constant challenge. Enterprise demand for functionality increases IT utilization and forces enterprise prioritization that can limit delivery speeds. The bottom line: organizations will need to find new ways to enable business flexibility while ensuring core systems and essential data remain protected, secure and reliable. The added pressure of analytics and digitalization, and the underlying need for data to support them, only fuels the prioritization challenge.

Stressing Internal Resources

It is easy to empathize with business leaders’ challenge of managing through enterprise prioritization. The considerable reliance on technology, and therefore internal IT resources, plus the increase in change demand adds pressure to this already stressed environment.

Here are three ways the C-suite is trying to decrease friction without sacrificing security and reliability.

  1. Broaden the business team to include technology-centric resources
  2. Develop operational autonomy requirements that enable the business to affect change without impacting core systems or compromising data security
  3. Redefine the project funding process to create a stronger tie between funding and iterative technology results

Finding the Pressure Release

At the end of the day, releasing the pressure of IT demand is a growing corporate challenge and the solution may require new ways of thinking. The evolution of no- and low-code technologies can offer relief, but only if you are ready for change.

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