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December 5, 2017

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    All aspects of the financial services industry have been impacted by outside forces from political upheavals to data breaches to changes in market dynamics. As we’ve watched our clients get out in front of these challenges one key element remains consistent: being proactive.

    Here are some articles highlighting proactivity – all can be found in the US and UKIndustry Trends Insider newsletters.

    • 72% of online bills are paid on billers’ websites1 – increasing digital enrollment is one of several key steps to take to reduce losses.
    • The FCA estimates about 3.3m people are in persistent debt, more than half of them (1.8m) for two consecutive periods of 18 months2 – what steps can you take to drive down that population?
    • Consumer reporting and disputes-related complaints are equal to that of Debt Collection according to CFPB–find how to shore up your system and file accuracy.
    • The Equifax Breach affected 57% of the population – find tips to address the expected after effects of the breach.
    • Hurricanes, wildfires and flooding have impacted countless lives this fall, see how best to report in the case of a natural disaster.
    • The UK is one the most active regions for data regulation with enforcement notices rising 155 percent in 2016 compared to 20153 – how prepared are you for the 2018 GDPR implementation?

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    US Industry Trends Insider

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    1 ACI Worldwide/Aite Group, January 2017

    2 The Times, April 2017

    3 Computerworld UK, 2017