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Bridgeforce isn’t just our name.
It’s our mission statement.

Bridgeforce helps financial services companies of all sizes bridge the gap between pressing challenges and emerging opportunities to help you succeed. Whatever the need, we bring a unique combination of skill, talent and insight to the assignment—and the right people, with direct and relevant experience. We are thinkers and doers known for our extraordinary commitment and hands-on approach to providing the best recommendations—as well as practical, actionable and measurable solutions. That means extraordinary value for our clients’ investments and sustainable positive change for the future.

Bring us your questions or challenges. We’re here to help.

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Our Story

Bridgeforce was founded by two former banking leaders who grew tired of consultants who told them what they wanted to hear—and not what they needed to hear. Often, these so-called experts could identify strategic gaps, but they lacked the real-world experience to implement real-world solutions. So Bridgeforce was born.

The Bridgeforce founders saw an opportunity to form a different type of financial services consulting firm, one where clients’ objectives come first and experienced practitioners and not career consultants provide value-added, sustainable solutions that are also achievable. The formula was to build a company with both the knowledge and experience to develop best-fit solutions for each individual client, and to have the determination and authenticity to work through the real challenges of execution.

Our People
Over 75 percent of our consultants have relevant experience in client-side leadership positions.
Our people were hand-selected because they’ve walked in your shoes. They understand the opportunities and challenges you face today—and the ones further down the road that you might not see yet. We also know when to roll up our sleeves and get to work. It’s part of the hands-on philosophy that everyone on our team upholds.

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