Originations, Underwriting & Portfolio Management

Clients seek our support across all aspects of originations, underwriting, and portfolio management, which can range from scorecard and strategy design to operational processes, technology, and training.

Areas of Expertise


  • Channel Performance/Strategies
  • Cost Per Application/Strategies
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Processing, Operations, and Training
  • Pricing and Promotional Strategies
  • Response Rates/Strategies


  • Automated and Judgmental Lending
  • Channel Performance/Strategies
  • Credit Policy
  • Credit Scorecards/Strategies
  • Customer Communications
  • Line Assignments and Pricing
  • Model Management and Documentation
  • QA/QC Programs

Portfolio Management

  • Activation Trends/Strategies
  • Cross-Sells, Top-Offs & Product Re-Offers
  • Line Management
  • Early Detection and Loss Prevention Strategies
  • Usage Trends/Strategies
  • Fraud Prevention and Detection
  • Vintage Performance Analysis
  • Re-Pricing

Sample Engagements

  • What we did:

    Analyzed and enhanced an auto finance company’s underwriting program and scorecards

    The result:

    A set of scores, pricing tiers, and APR assignments that was rolled out to the underwriting staff that enhanced portfolio scalability and profitability

  • What we did:

    Created and delivered a customized manual underwriting training program to roll out across a credit card underwriting organization

    The result:

    Reduced training time from 12 to 4 weeks, enhanced consistency and effectiveness of judgmental underwriting, and improved approval rates by 10%

  • What we did:

    Designed and executed a Credit Card portfolio re-price campaign

    The result:

    A re-price campaign resulting in a 98 BPS uplift in portfolio yield and a 3 year revenue increase of nearly €20MM Euro

We measure our success with Portfolio Management through the sustainable, real value-added solutions we can provide to a client’s project. From Line Management to Cross-Sells & Product Re-Offers, we are committed to Portfolio Management that grows profitability and enhances process effectiveness.