Fraud detection, defense, and servicing is inherently a unique process that must be customized to an organization’s needs and specific portfolio. Effective implementation, integration and customer support are crucial to keeping parity and controlling losses while retaining your customer base.

Areas of Expertise

Fraud Operations

  • Application Verification/“Know Your Customer”
  • Alert Management/Queuing
  • Customer Communications
  • Fraud/ID Theft Disputes Resolution
  • Fraud Recoveries
  • Incentives & Goals
  • Management Reporting
  • QA/QC and Call Monitoring
  • Training (operations, leadership)

Fraud Strategies

  • New Account Pre-Screening
  • Authorization Strategies & Settings
  • Analysis of Confirmed Fraud Files/False Positive Files
  • Behavioral Modelling & Machine Learning Strategies
  • Decision Strategies & Settings
  • Technology/Tools Selection & Deployment
  • Maximizing the Effectiveness of Existing Technology Tools
  • Transaction Scoring
  • Training (systems specific, risk management)