Taking Advantage of Bridgeforce LLC Services and Solutions

Bridgeforce LLC helps clients of all sizes in the consumer and small business lending and payments industry use our services and solutions to effectively meet their specific needs. Simply put, we provide specialized expertise in portfolio management and execution support to achieve exceptional results for our clients.


& Portfolio Management

Looking to grow and still maintain effective risk management?

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Customer Journey
& Servicing

"To remain competitive in today’s lending environment, a differentiated customer experience is essential."
– Brian Reiss, President

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Default Management

We have helped clients navigate challenges ranging from rapidly rising losses during the credit downturn to optimizing performance amid rising regulatory scrutiny. This wide range of experience allows us to roll up our sleeves and help clients solve their most pressing challenges no matter the circumstances.

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Compliance &
Operational Risk

Our depth of experience in operational risk, combined with the advice and legal expertise gained from Bridgeforce Law, help our clients address critical regulator findings such as MRAs or consent orders while implementing sustainable controls to prevent, detect, correct, and govern go-forward risks.

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Technology Solutions
& Support

"Bridgeforce has worked with the leading lending and payments technology solutions and is uniquely qualified to help our clients address the myriad of risks that can impact both small and large scale technology driven initiatives."
– Andrew Domino, Chief Operating Officer

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Consumer Reporting

"We’ve seen best practices shift to multiple validation checkpoints throughout the furnishing process including preventative tools and testing. These additional levels of monitoring and oversight, combined with thoroughly documented and controlled processes, is essential to consumer reporting success."
– Noah Stayton, Director, Data Quality Solutions

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Decision Sciences

Our decision sciences practice covers the full credit life cycle. We have been helping clients increase profitability through enhanced analytics for many years.

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We have experienced many fraud cycles and have a unique ability to bridge strategy and operations groups to help clients manage losses while preserving the customer experience.

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Capital Markets

Bridgeforce Capital Markets helps private equity firms and investment banks optimize investments in the financial services sector on a pre- and post-investment basis.

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