Posted on Mar 10, 2018 3:08pm PST

The Bridgeforce® Data Quality Scanner® Solution (DQS), the leading automated credit reporting data accuracy tool, is now available in the cloud.

Chadds Ford, PA March 9, 2018 – Bridgeforce Data Quality Solutions, an organization that delivers enterprise-wide data quality products and services, has announced recent enhancements to the Bridgeforce® Data Quality Scanner® Solution (DQS), including the launch of a PCI-DSS certified cloud environment.

Licensees can now access DQS in a robust and secure environment that has the “look and feel” of an on-premise deployment with less overhead. The cloud-based solution will allow furnishers to shift the burdens of server setup and configuration, environment resource management, and managing product upgrades to Bridgeforce. This advancement will streamline furnishers’ ability to find and address credit reporting discrepancies. To best support all clients, on-premise installations will continue to be available.

“The offering of DQS via the cloud opens up tremendous opportunity to the industry to facilitate accurate reporting of data, while promising security and speed,” said Noah Stayton, Director of Data Quality Solutions at Bridgeforce. “Multiple organizations have already recognized and acted on the need for enhanced credit reporting solutions. They’re using the DQS to identify discrepancies for remediation, and to validate data accuracy before furnishing to CRAs.”

Credit Reporting Compliance Across the Industry

Bridgeforce is proud to partner with a variety of institutions on their journey to improve data accuracy, reduce the potential for consumer harm, and minimize regulatory risk, including the following:

About Bridgeforce® Data Quality Scanner® (DQS) Solution

The Bridgeforce® Data Quality Scanner® (DQS) Solution is the only tool in the industry tailored specifically to help data furnishers achieve enterprise-wide accuracy and compliance with Metro 2®. We are proud to offer white-glove implementation and full-service consulting support as well as month-over-month tracking. Our goal is to ensure a seamless integration with ongoing support, so your enterprise has the confidence to grow and succeed across the board. Compliance audits will be simplified, customer disputes should be lessened, and the once-tedious process of auditing files has been pared down to a single-source-of-truth report.

The Bridgeforce® Data Quality Scanner® (DQS) Solution is a new industry standard: diligent on credit reporting accuracy so you can breathe easier.

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About Bridgeforce

Bridgeforce is a specialized multi-national consulting firm serving clients involved in all aspects of the consumer and small business lending and payments space. Over 75 percent of Bridgeforce consultants come directly from client-side leadership positions across multiple parts of the credit lifecycle. Combined with subject matter expertise in operations, technology, strategy and regulatory issues, Bridgeforce has the knowledge and experience to make the hard choices in developing and implementing best-fit solutions that are both achievable and lower the risks of execution to ensure sustainability. Bridgeforce's success can be attributed to our ability to operate at all levels of the organization and across functions, breaking down silos, solving problems, and empowering people.

For more information or a demo of the DQS solution, contact:, +1 610.228.4508

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