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Written Communications: The Golden Rules

For financial institutions, written communications are the face of your organization – whether the letters are from an acquisition, customer service, fraud, or collections function, they all matter. Customers will develop a perception of the organization based on these and respond or not based on what they read and how it makes them feel.

Optimizing written communications can help build customer loyalty and trust as well as improve your contact strategies, ultimately, reducing costs.

Is your organization facing challenges with written communications? Common challenges include:

  • Customers do not read the content in full and miss important information
  • Customers telephone, unnecessarily, on receipt of written communications
  • Customers remain unclear on whether they need to respond or complete another action

These, as well as other common challenges outlined in the white paper, may indicate that your written communications can benefit from a review.

The white paper, Written Communications: The Golden Rules, covers best practices that financial services companies can implement to maximize the effectiveness of their customer communications. Download the full white paper and learn how to improve your written communications.

Category: Servicing