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Effective Change Control

As a management consulting firm, Bridgeforce is often involved in helping clients design and implement effective change control processes. With regulatory bodies in the financial industry fully appreciative of the importance of change management to managing regulatory compliance and operational risk, it is critical that organizations have an effective change control program that meets the organization’s unique needs. This paper outlines the Bridgeforce Enterprise Change Control Program and answers common questions one may have when developing or enhancing change control processes.

The first step in developing a change control program is understanding the pillars of change (consistency, awareness, and accountability), determining organizational barriers, and creating a clear vision statement to align company thinking. Bridgeforce has developed a change control program that has been reviewed by governing bodies. The following are key components of the program:

  • Submission
  • Acceptance
  • Communication/Notification
  • Tracking/Reporting
  • Testing/Certification
  • Governance and Oversight

These components work together to help prevent omissions or errors when implementing change. A centralized governance and oversight structure should also be in place to define policies, procedures, and controls for the enterprise program.

For more detail around how to design and implement change control programs, a full PDF version of this white paper is available for download.

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