Professional Development

Careers in Financial Services Consulting

Bridgeforce uses cross-training and structured professional development to insure that client’s needs are  continually met by the industry’s best skilled professionals.Continuous Professional Development Through Project Challenges – and the Opportunity to Chart Your Own Path

With each project you’ll gain mastery – and with the next, you might find yourself in newly charted waters.

Through cross-training with other colleagues and structured professional development, you’ll continually build your skills and professional perspective.

Straight into the Deep End – But We’ll Support You As You Learn To Swim

Consultants are immediately assigned to client projects, typically of several weeks’ to several months’ duration. Partners or senior leaders lead project teams, which range from a small number of consultants to many dozens.

From the start, your input will be sought, listened to, valued. You will be asked to help solve problems that have never been solved before–but Bridgeforce and your teammates will always have your back.