Blog » 2016 » March » Ensuring Business Needs Are Met For Large-Scale Systems Projects

Posted on Mar 23, 2016 1:40pm PDT

The process of implementing a new system constitutes a major investment in time and resources. If done right, the investment can pay significant dividends and position an organization for long-term sustained success. However, the “shiny” new system capabilities are often distracting, and institutions can overlook the critical factors that must be considered in meeting the strategic needs of the business.

The most common misstep organizations make is moving too quickly to select a platform based upon functionality seen up-front—without carefully defining and prioritizing the business needs and downstream/upstream impacts. This mistake is further exacerbated by handing off the project to IT or an external technology vendor for execution with limited direct business involvement.

Objectives are subsequently lost in translation, resulting in a less-than-optimal solution. In such scenarios these shortcomings often lead to projects that can go years beyond the desired timeline and hundreds of millions of dollars over budget—while never even satisfying the initial vision of the project.

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