Who We Serve

Bridgeforce is entirely focused on the lending and payments space Banks, Non-Banks, Alternative Lenders, Private Equity and Investment Firms and 3rd Party Servicers

Bridgeforce is entirely focused on the lending and payments space. We believe there is no other firm with the breadth and depth of problem-solving capabilities in this market.

Our expertise includes finding solutions for issues related to strategy, operations, technology, regulations and organization. We cover all lines of business, across the entire credit life cycle, from sub-prime to super-prime. Our clients include, but are not limited to:

Bank Lenders

We help with strategies and execution at both the product or customer level.

Non-Bank/Alternative Lenders

We help all categories of alternative lenders across all lines of business.

Automotive Finance

We help both automotive company lending organizations as well as independent automotive finance companies.

Private Equity Firms

We help with transaction and due diligence support or ways to increase the value of their portfolio companies.

Investment Bankers

We help our investment clients gain an understanding of the portfolios that they currently fund or may be considering.

3rd Party Service Providers
We work with the entire eco-system of 3rd party providers that service lending and payment industry.