Don Sanders

Senior Credit Risk Advisor

Don has over 30 years of experience in the consumer finance industry. He is credited with several technological solutions in the field of risk management for which he has achieved eminent status as both a leader and a change agent. In his management positions at Korvettes Department stores, Citicorp, and Commercial Credit Corporation, for example, he instilled a credit culture based upon science and technology, introducing such advances as credit scoring and decision support software. In 1990, Don co-founded Credit and Risk Management Associates, Inc. (CRMA), a risk management, marketing, consulting, data warehousing, and systems integration firm that was acquired by Fair Isaac Corporation in 1996. Don also served as a Board Member heading the Risk Committee for Metris Companies prior to its acquisition by HSBC and continues to actively advise companies in both a Board and non-Board level capacity. Don holds a B.S in Accounting from Loyola College in Baltimore, MD, and a Master of Science in Administration, with a concentration in Business Financial Management, from George Washington University.