Brian Reiss


Brian has led Bridgeforce through a period of unparalleled growth and diversification within the lending and payments market space. He now oversees a broad range of client-dedicated resources that provide services across the entire credit life cycle for all areas of consumer and small business lending. His expertise and insight in the areas of strategy, operations, regulatory compliance, customer experience, technology and organizational issues have added substantial value to a wide variety of Bridgeforce’s clients.

Brian has been on the leading edge of rethinking risk management practices in light of the more stringent regulatory environment resulting from the financial crisis. He has challenged many traditional practices by helping clients look at risk management as an ecosystem across all business functions and operations rather than as discrete risk elements.

Brian’s ability to turn thought leadership into action has created many opportunities for Bridgeforce clients. These include new ways of enhancing the customer experience through digitization and automation, smarter methods for integrating regulatory compliance and control solutions across the enterprise, integrating greatly improved processes for credit reporting and 3rd party vendor management, to name just a few. Brian holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration/Finance from the University of Delaware.

With over 20 years in the lending and payments industry, Brian is a leading industry speaker who has published articles in a number of industry journals related to risk management.