Consumer Reporting Compliance

Consumer Reporting Compliance is a leading pain point for clients large and small across the financial sector – and compliance must be taken seriously. Our team includes former bank executives, regulators and industry service providers with unparalleled hands-on experience in all aspects of consumer reporting. Our existing Intellectual Property allows us to quickly and cost effectively help clients of all sizes identify and remediate Metro2® and FCRA compliance gaps.

Bridgeforce® Data Quality Scanner® (DQS) Solution

DQS is the industry leading solution for quickly and effectively assessing compliance of entire Metro 2® files across an enterprise before sending them to the Consumer Reporting Agencies.

The source system files or Metro 2 Files go to the Drop location, which then goes into the Bridgeforce DQS and out comes enterprise and account level dashboard reporting and Account level results files.


Our Services Take a Holistic Approach to Consumer Reporting Compliance:

Bridgeforce has deep expertise in all aspects of consumer reporting. We have pre-built programs to help clients across the following areas:

  • Consumer Reporting Enterprise Governance and Control
  • Reporting, Disputes, and Usage Risk Assessments
  • Documentation Review and Creation – Policies, Procedures, Technical Documentation and Process Flows
  • Metro 2® Reporting Audit and Technical Compliance Support
  • Comprehensive FCRA and Metro 2® Training
  • Consumer Credit Score Access Programs

We Have Experience Working With All Types Of Data Furnishers Across The Country:

Bridgeforce has worked with leading lenders and furnishers to help them quickly achieve regulatory expectations for accuracy, integrity, and customer experience. Example engagements include:

  • Risk Assessment and Process/ Procedural Improvements

    What we did: Conducted an end-to-end risk assessment for a large financial institution. After identifying opportunities across areas of reporting, disputes and usage, we developed enhanced processes and procedures.

    Result: CFPB exam readiness

  • Center of Excellence

    What we did: Developed a consumer reporting Center of Excellence for a financial institution to create reporting consistency, enhance compliance practices, obtain efficiency gains, and provide a single point of contact for compliance.

    Result: Improved efficiency, compliance and overall cost reduction

  • Comprehensive Servicing Strategy

    What we did: We created a credit access program strategy for a large credit card portfolio. Performed an impact assessment of future capacity plans and agent use cases/training.

    Result: A smooth and profitable score deployment

Practice Leadership

The Bridgeforce Consumer Reporting Leadership team has the experience and skill set to help all data furnishers meet new and ever changing regulatory expectations.

Noah Stayton, Director, Bridgeforce Data Quality Solutions

Noah brings a variety of operational, technical, and strategic expertise to Bridgeforce. As Director of Data Quality Solutions, Noah oversees the design, development, and delivery of data quality tools to the financial services industry—including the Bridgeforce Data Quality Scanner™, the industry-leading tool for assessing consumer reporting accuracy. In previous positions with Bridgeforce, Noah has supported and led client projects related to the selection, implementation, and testing of collections technology solutions.

Debb Gordon, Ph.D – Consumer Reporting AdvisorDebb Gordon, Consumer Reporting Compliance industry advisor for Bridgeforce works at her computer.

Debb provides Bridgeforce with nearly 30 years of experience in the financial services industry focused on risk and decision management, models and model management, and compliance. She has functioned as a risk manager, senior risk officer, consultant, product director, and as an auditor and regulator across the financial services industry. Debb served as the Program Manager for Consumer Information at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). During her time at the CFPB, Debb had direct responsibility for Consumer Reporting and translates this experience to clients to help directly improve customer experience.