Company Origins

A young man and a middle aged man are looking at information on a laptop computer.Bridgeforce LLC was founded by two former banking leaders who experienced similar frustrations when working with outside consultants of all sizes. The consultants were adept at telling clients what they wanted (rather than needed) to hear. While these same consultants were competent in identifying gaps in client strategy and operations, they rarely had the experience to help clients implement solutions.

The Bridgeforce founders saw an opportunity to form a different type of consulting firm – one where the objective with any client project would be to provide real value-added, sustainable solutions that were also achievable. The formula, they decided, was to build a company with both the knowledge and experience to develop best-fit solutions for each individual client, and have the courage and authenticity to work through the real challenges of execution.

Today’s Bridgeforce

The extraordinary success of Bridgeforce is a result of staying true to its founding principles. The majority of the company comprises consultants who have previous hands-on experience as leaders in the same lending and payment environments as our clients. We know the solutions that are best for our clients are not necessarily the easiest or most politically expedient. When faced with hard choices, Bridgeforce helps the client take the path that provides authentic, sustainable and positive change. We help clients use our services efficiently and are committed to lowering the risks of executing complex solutions.